The Societe Generale group has made the digital sector a key lever in transforming banking relationships established with its customers, whether they be individuals, institutions, large companies or private banking clients. To keep up with changing digital usage by consumers, Societe Generale is increasing its innovation in web and mobile services. Its customers therefore enjoy greater autonomy, simplicity and security thanks to the new tools, while continuing to receive support from our teams.

First bank in France to experiment with the biometric card

To provide ever greater security for contactless payment, Societe Generale is testing a biometric bank card incorporating a fingerprint sensor. On receipt of the card the cardholder records their fingerprint on the biometric card. When the card is used, the fingerprint is verified directly on the card. No element linked to the fingerprint is transmitted to the vendor or the bank. As the cardholder is authenticated by means of fingerprint rather than PIN code, all payments can be made contactless with no limit on the amount spent. Furthermore, the card functions normally for all contact-type payments: in-store, on the Internet or withdrawals.

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YUP, a new form of mobile money

YUP offers a “mobile money” service developed in Africa. With no need for a bank account, the service gives access to a complete range of banking services through a network of partners. By 2020, YUP aims to have 8,000 contact points in place in five African countries.

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Working in closer partnership with Fintech

With Fiduceo, Societe Generale became the first bank in France to acquire a fintech company. Since then, we have seen a multitude of partnerships, investments, experiments and exchanges, well beyond the borders of France. In 2015, Societe Generale's subsidiary Boursorama announced the acquisition of Fiduceo, a French online personal finance management firm. Thanks to the expertise of this fintech, we were able to develop an account aggregator firstly for the clients of Boursorama, and then for those of Crédit du Nord and Societe Generale.

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