With the goal of constantly improving the service it offers to its customers, while effectively anticipating changes in society and creating the ideal conditions for flexible growth of its ecosystem, Societe Generale is gearing its digital transformation towards enhanced performance combined with an evermore solid com-mitment to environmental and social issues.

The Group is investing in a range of new operational models, adopting sustainable IT development modes and transforming its information systems with the dual aim of offering its customers a universal service with a local presence, based on big data processing, the multiple advantages of open innovation and more open, agile infrastructure.

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Societe Generale: First bank for digital maturity

This year again, and for the sixth consecutive year, Societe Generale is in the small circle of the most mature CAC 40 companies in terms of digital transformation. The 2019 eCAC40 Awards* recognised Societe Generale as 1st bank and 4th of the most advanced CAC 40 companies in terms of digital maturity. In addition, Societe Generale was awarded this year the “strategic continuity” Award for its digital transformation.

Séverin Cabannes Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The need for transformation goes beyond digital technology. The challenge is to evolve in line with the world around us, adapting not only to technological changes but also to the new expectations of our clients, current and future members of staff and society as a whole.

TechWeek 2019

TechWeek 2019 took place on 12 and 13 November at Societe Generale's technology hub Les Dunes in the east of Paris and on 14 November at the Bank's headquarters in La Défense. This unique event in the banking industry put the spotlight on use cases developed with the latest technologies by Societe Generale and its partners from the innovation and tech ecosystems to provide better customer service by combining the best of both the digital and human worlds.

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Societe Generale launches the Banking Innovation Awards

As part of TechWeek 2019, Societe Generale teamed up with Wavestone to launch the Banking Innovation Awards to reward innovative solutions around data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity. Innovative European startups and SMEs with products and services in these fields
are invited to apply for one of the four awards.caetgories, open until 7 February 2020.

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Signature of the Sustainable IT Charter

During TechWeek 2019, Societe Generale announced the signature of the Sustainable IT Charter. “With the scaling-up of our digital transformation, our IT function, already engaged in responsible projects, is making a further commitment by signing the Sustainable IT Charter to limit the environmental impact of technology and encouraging digital inclusion,” said Christophe Leblanc, Group Head of Corporate Resources and Digital Transformation at Societe Generale.

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The Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards enter their 3rd year!

Following the success of the first two years’ awards, Societe Generale and Wavestone are launching the third “Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards”. The aim of the awards is to co-build innovative solutions to protect IT systems and the data of our clients through an open-innovation process. European innovative startups and SMEs dedicated to cybersecurity have until 8 April 2019 to submit their applications to a wide-ranging jury. Further information about the 2018 winners and the application process is available on the Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards website.

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Jean Claude Heudin

In search of Proustian AI

"Can a machine be creative? Can it feel emotion?" Jean-Claude Heudin put this question to the recent Dunes Auditorium conference, now that data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are at the heart of Societe Generale's digital strategy. After presenting 50 years of progress in AI, the professor and researcher, a specialist in artificial intelligence, artificial life and complexity science, focused on today's issues in AI research, particularly the question of human-machine interaction.

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Accelerate the transition from idea to implementation

Adopting the best market practices (agile, open source…), these teams are building new services based on technologies such as the Cloud. The objective is to enable the whole Group to rapidly and transparently take ideas through to their implementation phase, whether it be a mobile app for clients or the development of the Digital Workplace used by our members of staff.

The Digital Workplace at Societe Generale

Sylvie Clemot presents the transformation of the Digital Workplace at Societe Generale to improve the user experience. A large-scale programme, overseen by the Service Unit Corporate resources and digital transformation, has been created to improve and simplify the Digital Workplace. This involves reducing the gap between professional and personal use and capitalising on the most recent technologies to facilitate daily life and increase operational efficiency for employees, while at the same time ensuring compliance with regulations and security standards.

Determined to confirm its position as a resolutely hi-tech bank and boost its strategic foresight, Societe Generale is reinforcing its state-of-the-art expertise in the field of data science and data management. To achieve this, the bank is capitalising on open source solutions, with special emphasis on the Cloud, and enriching its model based on the benefits of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and the IoT.

With the aim of offering its customers even greater freedom, Societe Generale is pursuing its technological transformation in a responsible way: IT security and respect for privacy are taken into account at the earliest stage of any new development. Controlling the threat of cybercrime is a major challenge facing the banking sector, which processes huge quantities of sensitive data all the time. Vigilance and foresight in terms of cybercrime are the driving force behind the three-year financial investment programme undertaken by So-ciete Generale as part of its strategic development plan “Transform to grow”.

In order to maintain a proactive strategy, Societe Generale has built up a solid base of partners who are experts in the field of technology, and works closely with FinTech startups, even partnering up with some of them. Finally, the bank recruits people with the required cutting-edge skills, while continuously training its personnel in new usages that are guaranteed to boost their day-to-day performance, as well as the new habits and behaviours that are poised to alter customer needs and expectations.


cloud computing

Societe Generale is accelerating its Cloud strategy

Societe Generale’s Cloud First strategy enables the Group’s information systems to increase their agility, openness, resiliency and efficiency in order to offer clients a wider variety of services, faster. By launching its Hybrid Cloud-based infrastructure services platform, the Group speeds up to meet its target of migrating 80% of its eligible servers to Cloud (Public or Private) by 2020.

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Data, a strategic asset for Societe Generale

Today, data is central to customer relations and the Societe Generale Group organisation. In a digital environment, the Bank improves its services to its clients, its risk management, and its operational efficiency, thanks to data use while ensuring its quality, security and protection.

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Open source development to encourage innovation

As the embodiment of collective intelligence, open source development is an important driver of innovation for Societe Generale's information systems. It is a strategic commitment that has already produced results, as 80% of the Group's development technologies are open source. Use, Contribute and Attract: learn about the three components of Societe Generale's open source strategy.

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Blockchain boosts commodity trading and financing

The digitisation of international trade is stepping up a gear thanks to Blockchain technology. The projects led by Societe Generale and its European partners are at the forefront of this shift. We take a closer look at this new technology and its numerous impacts on trading and financing.

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New technologies for stronger cybersecurity

Digital accounts for 86% of our incoming contacts, with 700 million logins per year, mostly from mobile devices. Mobile has been the most-used medium since the end of 2012. This profound change in the bank’s customer relations has heightened the security challenge, which Societe Generale will address by more than doubling its IT budget for cybersecurity and investing in new technologies.

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The Tech culture within Societe Generale

New technologies are an opportunity to invent new banking solutions and continuously improve the client experience. Innovating on a daily basis is part of Societe Generale’s DNA, and that’s why the Bank is looking for diverse profiles who are ready to become involved in major projects and missions. Staff members who work in IT jobs have their say.

IT jobs at Societe Generale

Developping the digital transformation with leading tech influencers

In October 2018, Societe Generale’s senior management joined the heads of the Group's IT infrastructure for their first External Advisory Board meeting with 10 leading tech influencers to discuss and enhance digital strategy issues, new market trends and how to further accelerate the Group’s digital transformation. Influencers present included Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, Steve Singh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Docker and Octave Klaba, Chairman and founder of OVH. The topics covered included Cloud, Open Source, Big Data & AI and the Digital Workplace.

Carlos Goncalvès

Unity is strength

In a world that is evolving faster and faster, we cannot answer the technological challenges we are facing without opening up and sharing these challenges with the tech and innovation ecosystem.
How can we make the IT Infrastructure more flexible and agile while ensuring security and complying with regulations? How can we integrate emerging technologies (5G, cognitive services, etc.) in our strategy and better anticipate new uses? How can we improve user experience and make it simpler and smoother?

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Hackathons reinventing the bank

Aiming for strength in numbers, Societe Generale is pursuing the development of its open innovation system and extending its reach to partner communities and their creativity. In this spirit, the bank has organised hackathons and challenges in order to identify projects with the potential to reinvent banking relations for the digital age and successfully transform the company.

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