The innovation approach is present and anchored in all the bank’s processing, new tools available to support initiatives and help go further. The platforms are there and open to external startups and entrepreneurs, the objective is to connect them to employees and teams expert in innovation and banking business.
To provide the best services to our clients, many initiatives are launched, notably the coordination of the bank’s innovation structures in the world, the coherence of conversations and capitalisation on various training. Our work is compensated through the assistance and support of multiple projects and startups whose development and success are today an incontestable reality.

Innovation Stories

In 2019, in line with the strategic plan "Transform To grow", the group is intensifying its investment strategy to create new and more innovative services for its client, to detect synergies and predict disruptions in the banking industry, these investments will focus on external startups that the group has just acquired, as well as on internal startups.

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Sport, health, education, mobility: industry of the future

Always at the center of the group’s strategy, innovation is resolutely grounded in the bank’s practices, Societe Generale wishes to be a major participant in this revolution and to boost the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within and outside the bank by promoting communication around accomplishment, the development of new services and comforting new digital solutions that simplify the business of the future.

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