Corporate Social Responsibility at Societe Generale

In this section you will find all the essential information about CSR at Societe Generale.

Sylvie Préa Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

We contribute to the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations through our geographical presence, the diversity of our businesses and our commitments as a responsible bank.

In 2017, Societe Generale presented its strategic plan for 2020, Transform to Grow, which set out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambition for all of the Group’s activities. In order to define it, the Bank consulted extensively with its stakeholders, both internal and external. It then established a Materiality Matrix of stakeholder expectations, ranking sustainable development issues according to the priorities expressed.

The aim of this CSR ambition is to create added value for stakeholders and support positive societal transformation, including with regard to energy transition and sustainable cities, by offering sustainable products and services whilst prioritising customer satisfaction.

An ambition developed in six areas

Customer satisfaction and protection
As a trusted partner, Societe Generale applies itself each day to protecting and satisfying its customers by aiming for the highest security and service quality standards.

Responsible employer
This area is developed in three priority fields: guiding changes in the Bank’s businesses by developing the necessary skills to adapt to these changes; developing a responsible banking culture, based on shared values; and fostering staff commitment, a gauge of performance and unity

Ethics and governance
The Group asks its staff to follow the highest standards of integrity in everything they say and do. This condition is essential to the smooth operation of the Bank’s activities. This approach, which integrates environmental, social, and governance risks, underpins all the decisions taken at every level of the company.

Climate change
As a pioneer in financing renewable energy, committed since 2015 to aligning its activities by 2020 to a path aimed at limiting global warming to 2°C, the Group has a proactive and responsible climate strategy based around two priorities: guiding its customers in their energy transition and progressively reducing our activities connected to the most carbonintensive energies.

Societal innovations
While the Bank’s clients, whether investors, corporations or individuals, are looking for solutions to new environmental and societal challenges, Societe Generale is paying special attention to emerging societal trends and so provide appropriate solutions. Through support for the social and solidarity economy, assistance for entrepreneurs, development of sustainable cities and mobility, as well as inclusion, the Bank helps embody a responsible and interdependent future.

Sustainable development of Africa
With roots in African countries for over 100 years, the Group has made sustainable and low-carbon development on the continent a top priority and has fully incorporated these goals into our strategy. Societe Generale is capitalising on our diversified and integrated model to rise to major challenges, including support for SMEs, banking inclusion and funding of infrastructure, renewable energy, and agribusiness.

An ambition contributing to sustainable development goals
With its geographic footprint, in all countries in which it operates, through the diversity of its businesses and by its commitment as a responsible bank, Societe Generale is helping to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Societe Generale is a responsible bank

Governance meeting the highest standards
Integrated Report 2018-2019 –  Governance 
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 3, Corporate Governance 

Organising the company to best serve our clients
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Long-term vision 
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – A balanced model serving our stakeholders

Supporting our clients
- Integrated Report 2018-2019 - Giving our customers the means to build the future 

- Integrated Report 2018-2019 – A balanced model serving our stakeholders 
- Registration Document 2019 - Chapter 5, Customer satisfaction and protection 
Data, a strategic asset for Societe Generale  
- Digital and innovation 
Societe Generale’s Innovation strategy moves to the next level 
- Cybersecurity  
- New technologies for stronger cybersecurity

Listening to our stakeholders
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Nurturing dialogue with our stakeholders 
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Materiality matrix 
- Dialogue with our stakeholders 
- Dialogue and transparency

Continuing a strategy of stronger, profitable and sustainable growth 
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Build a European leader serving clients and promoting positive transformations 
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Corporate Social responsibility at the heart of the strategic plan 
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 1, Transform to Grow 

Promoting the highest ethical standards
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Governance guided by a duty of exemplarity 
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 5, Strong and transparent commitments
- Compliance
- Culture and Conduct
- Group Code of Conduct
- Group Tax Code of Conduct 

Charter for Responsible advocacy with Public authorities and Representative institutions 
Obligations for a responsible advocacy 
Obligations for responsible advocacy activities - Memorandum 
- Societe Generale group Data Policy 
- Code governing the fight against corruption and influence peddling 
The right to raise the alert

Deploying our Environmental and Social (E&S) commitments
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Governance guided by a duty of exemplarity
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 5, Strong and transparent commitments 
Responsible finance 
E&S General principles

Anticipating and managing risks
- Integrated Report 2018-2019 – An effective and responsible risk management system
- Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Identifying and managing isks 
- Registration document 2019 - Chapter 4, Risk factors and capital adequacy 
- Risk Management

Having a positive impact
Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Our positive impact 
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 5, Examples of the businesses’ major commitments as regards the three pillars  
Societal trends and innovations 
Societe Generale continues to expand its "Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance" offering 
Societe Generale further reduces its involvement in coal 
Societe Generale signs Poseidon Principles promoting shipping industry decarbonisation

Participating in the sustainable development of Africa
- Integrated Report 2018-2019 – Contributing to sustainable development in Africa
- Registration document 2019 – Chapter 5, Africa 
- Grow with Africa

Conducting a responsible sourcing policy
Registration document 2019 – Chapter 5, The Positive Sourcing programme 
Responsible conduct of the Group’s proprietary activities