Shareholders meetings

Societe Generale organises regular meetings with shareholders to promote dialogue and to keep them informed of the latest Group news and challenges.

Societe Generale meetings

Attended by a member of General Management, these meetings are organised in collaboration with our Retail Banking network.

Multi-issuer meetings
The Group takes part in multi-issuer meetings, in partnership with other listed companies.

Annual General Meeting

The Societe Generale Annual General Meeting is a key event for our shareholders, providing direct information on the company's activity and offering the opportunity to take part in debates with General Management as well as the possibility to vote on the resolutions submitted for approval by the Board of Directors.

Annual General Meeting

The Shareholders’ Consultative Committee

For over 20 years, the Shareholders’ Consultative Committee has enhanced the Group’s communications with its shareholders. The Committee’s objective is to promote regular, informative and high-quality dialogue.

Composition of the Committee
The Shareholders’ Consultative Committee is made up of 12 individual shareholders appointed for a term of three years.

The Committee works to improve Societe Generale’s communications with individual shareholders in three ways:

  • It forms an opinion on individual shareholder policies
  • It offers proposals on various aspects of communications and relations with individual shareholders (media, communications initiatives, etc.)
  • It expresses individual shareholders’ expectations to Senior Management.