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Brussels must make European banking a reality

Further integration would spur consolidation, creating more competitive and stronger champions.
As Brussels goes back to work after the elections, banking should be at the top of its agenda as an issue of strategic importance. European financial services must be strengthened in three ways to ensure that we can finance our homes and businesses, not to mention the energy and digital transitions.


Contribute collectively to Africa's development

I recently had the opportunity to share my vision of the economic development of Africa at the Paris Europlace international conference on the theme New Frontiers in Finance.
Africa is a continent facing several major challenges, but challenges that also bring potential opportunities.


Ten years ago... Lehman Brothers

"Ten years ago, the global financial crisis which began in July 2007 reached an unprecedented level with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. In recent days, the media have devoted many column inches to this sad anniversary, and I myself have had the opportunity to comment on this matter several times. But, beyond considerations on the effectiveness of new regulations and the solidity of the banking sector ten years on, I wanted to share a few more personal impressions about the lessons learned from this ordeal, as a banker and as a business leader." Frédéric Oudéa, CEO of Societe Generale.

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Tech is like sport - it takes practice to stay in the game

"Societe Generale’s 2nd annual TechWeek has just come to a close. Over 10,000 people took part in this year’s event, united under the theme of demonstrating the concrete applications of new technologies being developed by the Bank. Whether using voice recognition to secure a transaction, detecting fraud with machine learning and big data, or identifying important skills with artificial intelligence..." Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

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Connecting the business community from Russia and Europe

"Recently I had the pleasure to take part in Saint Petersburg International Financial Forum (SPIEF), a major international economic event. I am a regular at SPIEF, for the last 10 years it has been for me a great opportunity both to meet with our clients in Russia and entertain this relationship, as well as to exchange on the geopolitical and economic situation with public authorities." Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

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Internal startup call I Future businesses start now

Moving from managers to sponsors - with humility and confidence

"The Internal Startup Call is a great opportunity for us to review our management methods at a time when we are working to develop new, more agile, collegial and horizontal ways of working within the Group." Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

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Open innovation, syntax of the bank of the future

It has become the foundation of the bank of the future. Open innovation combines the future and the present by creating a platform bank that allows the distribution of the bank's products as well as services and offers from third-party players, start-ups, or newcomers. A transformation which Société Générale already initiated a few years ago with the setting up of API and the integration of new technologies via purchases or partnerships with fintechs.

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Grand Paris: towards new frontiers

Grand Paris represents “the third urban revolution* of Ile de France”, after Baron Haussmann in the 19th century and the Villes Nouvelles (new towns) in the 1960s. "By making entire neighbourhoods accessible for the first time, we are designing new frontiers for Paris far beyond the Boulevard Périphérique, with a transformed mobility offer aimed at several million people." Eric Groven, Head of the Real Estate division of Retail Banking activities in France.

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Crowdfunding, a new reality for renewable energy

In order to strengthen regional support for renewable energy projects, and thereby accelerate the energy transition, the French government has decided to systematically encourage crowdfunding in future calls for tenders. Those active in the sector - developers, investors and financing parties - should adapt to this new reality.

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Collectively build our African strategy

Africa is a real engine of growth for the Societe Generale group. Today, we remain the only international bank with a strong African ambition. "We chose to rely on collective intelligence to define Societe Generale's strategy in Africa for the next 10 years." Alexandre Maymat, Head of the Africa/Asia/Mediterranean Basin & Overseas region, International Banking and Financial Services.

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Laurent Goutard, Head of Societe Generale Retail Banking in France at Societe Generale

Let’s help grow our SMEs!

"On Saturday 10 February I had the pleasure of taking part in the #LeTop2018 event organised by Afep (the French association of large companies), of which Societe Generale was a partner. The goal of this all-day event was to give SME directors an opportunity to get together with the CEOs of major businesses to discuss some of their concerns."

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8 recommendations to improve gender equality in the financial sector

When I arrived in the Bank thirty years ago, half of the young graduates we recruited were women. I thought that it would only be a matter of time before they reached senior positions. Today however it is obvious that progress in terms of gender equality is slow.

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