Acknowledging each employee’s contribution to company performance

Societe Generale’s pay policy is aligned with the Group policy on diversity, non-discrimination and equal treatment of employees, and complies with regulatory requirements. Tailored to the economic, social, legal and competitive environment of the Group’s markets of operation, this policy is nevertheless founded on principles share by all its establishments:

  • rewarding individual and collective performances;
  • promoting sound and effective risk management, and ensuring that employees are not encouraged to take inappropriate risks;
  • attracting, retaining and motivating strategic talents and key resources;
  • harmonising employee interests with those of the Group and its shareholders;
  • ensuring that employees follow regulations and internal rules in force, while also ensuring that customers are treated fairly.

In an effort to make the Group an attractive employer and earn the loyalty of talented staff, Societe Generale implements a pay policy incorporating performance recognition, employee share ownership, employee savings and the ability to take part in various types of skills sponsorship programmes.


  • 2019 remuneration and employee benefits policy
  • Societe Generale is a signatory of the ILO Business and Disability Charter and the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, aligned with the Group’s remuneration policy on diversity, non-discrimination and equal treatment of employees.

Results at a glance:

  • For Societe Generale SA France, gross annual pay averages €56,250 (1), up 2.9% compared to 2017, reflecting an ongoing uptrend
  • The Group recorded total personnel expenses of €9.6 billion in fiscal year 2018
  • In 2018, 18,668 Group employees participated in skills sponsorship programmes offered by the company during their working hours to support partner associations
  • For Societe Generale SA France, profit-sharing and incentives paid in 2018 in respect of 2017 amounted to €142 million (o/w €6 million related to CSR targets)
  • SRI-certified employee savings vehicles totalled €283 million in AuM at 31 December 2018