In order to carry out the Bank’s structural transformations, the Group pays special attention to the quality of dialogue with its employee representative bodies, especially to meet the challenges of changes in businesses and employment. It carries out the organisational transformation projects necessary for the Group’s strategic positioning.
In line with its current and future business needs, it implements an approach of anticipation and support for its employees.

Offering career paths and training to employees, offering alternative working methods, such as telecommuting, conducting an appropriate compensation policy (see Performance and Compensation report), promoting talent and ensuring managerial succession are all essential to attract, hire and retain employees, and develop their employability, in everyone’s interest.
To achieve its objectives, the Group ensures that:

Leading a constructive dialogue, supporting the group’s transformation

Building strategic workforce planning to map out our businesses now and in the future
Building strategic workforce planning (SWP) within the Group
Mapping skills with high-performance tools

Attracting, hiring and integrating the best talent for the group
Hiring and integrating employees, a priority for the Group
Employing young people, a strong commitment from the Group
Adjusting employee retention schemes

Training and developing employability of staff, in line with the group’s needs
Making employees the focus of the Group’s training policy
Diversifying training options
Measuring training effectiveness
Promoting mobility, an employability and retention factor

Developing alternative working methods to stimulate collaboration and innovation

Promoting high-potential employees to implement the group’s strategy

Professions and skills report