Promoting a working environment that encourages employee engagement

Societe Generale strives to provide its employees with a working environment that fosters their commitment and well-being, as well as their contribution to the company's performance.

The Group is continuously attentive to any risks liable to affect occupational health and safety, as well as social risks, at all Group establishments. To that end, in 2015 it established a Life at Work programme focused on 6 priorities: individual and collective efficiency; health and prevention; telework and new organisational methods; working environment; support during key life milestones; changes in managerial culture.


  • In 2018, the Group developed a policy aimed at preventing in appropriate behaviour in the workplace, which took effect in 2019
  • Life at Work conditions are also incorporated in the international agreement with UNI Global Union
  • Societe Generale SA France has implemented the “Charter of 15 commitments for a balanced work-home life” since 2014
  • In 2018, Societe Generale SA France signed the Cancer and Employment Charter
  • The 2015 Conditions of Life at Work Agreement was renewed in 2018 for Societe Generale SA France

Results at a glance:

  • 23,000 people around the world telecommuted at end-2018 (up 56% compared to 2017)
  • Nearly 85% of Societe Generale subsidiaries and branches, covering 96% of the Group’s headcount, have an on-site medical team or agreements with healthcare organisations
  • In France, the Societe Generale supplementary health insurance plan covers more than 122,000 people (participating members and beneficiaries)
  • In France, nearly 17,000 employees (HR, managers and executives) have been trained in how to manage psychosocial risks