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The Sourcing network is a major player in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of Societe Generale group, reflecting its values and working to ensure that the Environmental and Social commitments are achieved. Begun in 2006, the Group's Sustainable Sourcing Policy is realised through long-term action plans involving all the stakeholders of the value chain (requestors, pruchasers and suppliers).

Recognition of our commitments and our approach to responsible sourcing

Recognition of our commitments and our approach to responsible sourcing

Since 2007, Societe Generale has been strengthening its approach to responsible purchasing every year. Through the signing of charters and pacts the Group further proves its commitment to this important area.

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Our responsible sourcing actions plan: the 2020 Positive Sourcing Program

So that the practices of the Group remain a reference in sustainable purchasing, a 2019-2020 action plan was implemented in line with its the aims of the 2016-2018 actions plan. This fifth action plan was developed taking into account the feedbacks of over 700 partners and suppliers and is based on the expertise gained by the Group over the past 10 years.

Representing the values of the Group and in line with the Culture & Conduct programme as well as Environmental and Social commitments, the 2020 Positive Sourcing Program  is based on virtuous sourcing practices. The program has two goals:

  • Improving CSR risk management during the sourcing process;
  • Increasing sourcing diversity while contributing to improving the territorial and environmental footprint of the Group.

The 2020 Positive Sourcing Program is part of the implementation of the Global Agreement on Fundamental Rights signed in June 2015 with UNI Global Union, showing the Group's intent to implement the agreement across all Group entities.

The implementation of the 2020 Positive Sourcing Program is also one of the commitments made by the Group  as part of the Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing label requirements. This label, issued jointly by the Médiation des entreprises (French business mediation office) and the Conseil National des Achats (French national procurement council) certifies that a company's organissation and management comply with the objectives and commitments defined by the requirements of the label. The label is aligned with the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement international standard. After signing the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter, Societe Generale was first certified with the label in 2012 and received a renewal for a further 3 years at the beginning of 2019.

Improving CSR risk management during the sourcing process

Over the years, Societe Generale's practices related to environmental and social matters developed to form a base of virtuous practices. The goal is to strengthen these practices and make them automatic, to manage the CSR risks in the Group's sourcing processes.

Improving CSR risk management during the sourcing process

Increasing sourcing diversity while contributing to improving the territorial and environmental footprint of the Group

As part of the 2020 Positive Sourcing Progra and in line with the Group's CSR strategy, three priorities were defined:

Priority 1: Supplier relationships

The Purchasing department aims to be exemplary in its relations with all of its suppliers, especially SMEs. Societe Generale, which was the first bank to sign the SME Pact in December 2007, continues to strengthen its commitment to innovative SMEs, notably through the annual Suppliers survey. This survey is an annual evaluation of the quality of Societe Generale's relations with SME suppliers. Furthermore, in the event of any disagreement not settled with the purchaser, Societe Generale group encourages mediation as the preferred method of resolution. Since 2010, the General Secretary of the Group has been the Internal Mediator and can be contacted by mail or email:

Societe Generale
Internal Mediator of Inter-Company Relations 
Tours Société Générale
75886 Paris Cedex 18
Email: [email protected]

Process for using internal mediation

Priority 2: The Social and Solidarity Economy sector

We have achieved our target of doubling our 2015 spending with suppliers from the Social and Solidarity Economy sector by the end of 2018. Our ambition is to maintain this annual spending amount as a minimum.

Close working relations between the Group’s Mission Handicap department and the Sourcing division ensures that, whenever possible, the supported employment sector is included in the supplier sourcing process. In addition to the increased involvement with the supported employment sector, the Positive Sourcing Program extends the scope of action to partnerships with "social integration" companies and other players of the Social Economy Sector.

Priority 3: The climate

The Group is committed to energy transition and the circular economy, with the goal of reducing by 25% its emissions of CO2 per employee by 2020 (in relation to 2014), making the fight against climate change a major focus of the Group’s  environmental policy. For Societe Generale itself, this means the development of “Green” IT, the improvement of the energy performance of buildings and the improvement of the environmental performances of all the products and services purchased by the Group.

The goal is to always look for innovative products and services with environmental added-value based on the analysis of environmental impacts (CO2 emissions and environmental efficiency).
This new action plan is part of an approach of ongoing progress.


Robert Tran Van Lieu, Associate Director, Eva Group

“The acceleration of the growth of Eva Group was possible thanks to Societe Generale, first in Asia and Hong Kong, then in France, over three years ago now. Currently, we need to constantly adjust the value offering - combining acute technical expertise and advisory in the fields of cyber security, network infrastructures and software development - to best help our international clients in their digital revolution. For a SMEs like EVA Group to grow, you need a sustainable partnership with Societe Generale but also a joint CSR approach where values are shared. Professionalism, attention to customers and employees, commitment, integrity and a vision that promotes entrepreneurial spirit combining human resources, an agile organisation and innovating technologies. In the future, we will grow together, take up challenges whether in our good or bad times, all the while ensuring profitable growth, consistent with our common values. Our subsidiaries, BSSI in cyber security, Siclo in software development in Vietnam and the creation of an entity in Dakar, Senegal should enable us to achieve this goal.”
April 2017

Daniel Leoni, Head of Quality, Safety, Sustainable Development, Lyreco

“As a leader of work environment solutions, Lyreco implemented a CSR strategy based on the aim to be a company where sustainability is an everyday concern, at all levels, for all decisions. In addition to our in-house actions to improve our Sustainable Development policy, we encourage our suppliers and clients to do the same and we help them in the process. Societe Generale, a key client of Lyreco, regularly contacts us for the implementation of new projects; their CSR requirements enrich our respective approaches and ensure continuous progress for our two businesses in this area. This is how in 2016 good environmental performances were achieved: virtually all papers ordered from Lyreco are recycled, more than two of three writing products are "green" pens and 35% of IT cartridges ordered are remanufactured cartridges. It is the result of a joint effort in perpetual evolution.”
April 2017