ITSchool by Societe Generale and Simplon

Societe Generale, founding member of the Grande Ecole du Numérique digital school, has reaffirmed its commitment to digital inclusion by launching, in October 2018, the ITSchool by Societe Generale & Simplon. Digital technology is a lever of professional integration and personal development for jobseekers and Societe Generale staff who want to retrain.

The ITSchool is devoted to training web developers within Societe Generale. Lasting a total of 21 months, this training – which is free and vocational – is open to all jobseekers and Societe Generale staff seeking professional retraining, and requires no technical prerequisites. The 3-month fast-track training, with 400 hours of intensive web development lessons, and 18 months of work-study experience with one of our IT departments allows participants to work on rapidly developing practical projects.

Would you like to join the next course that will run from 11 June, 2019 to 31 March, 2021? If you are interested, fascinated by digital technology and eager to become a developer, apply before 12 May on the Simplon site!

Open innovation ecosystem

Societe Generale's open innovation procedure is based on bringing together creative forces from inside and outside of the company. It is built around two main ideas: strengthening its relationship with the ecosystem to bring it into line with the requirements of its business sectors, and stimulating the company’s capacity for innovation via new work locations and methods, preferential relationships with schools and participation in numerous events.

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ITSchool, innovative training for jobs of the future

Today, 80,000 IT and electronics jobs in France are not filled because of a lack of suitable qualified applicants. Our role as a major player is therefore to help promote digital inclusion and ensure that its potential benefits everyone, to give a view of jobs of the future. We are undertaking an in-depth transformation relating to digital technology, and human support in new technologies should be a development opportunity for everyone.

Interview with Frank Mashall, one of the ITSchool course leaders

The 17 students from the first class of October 2018 are now in work experience positions at some of many different IT departments within the Societe Generale group. The students completed the intensive part of their course at the beginning of the year and are now working on projects such as developing the Bank’s apps and Search Engine Optimisation. Find out more in the interview with Franck Marshall, one of the ITSchool course leaders.

Interview with Cyril, a member of staff undergoing professional retraining

The ITSchool provides our employees undergoing professional retraining with a view of jobs of the future. Companies’ digital transformation concerns staff and their day-to-day work, which is why we have decided to make this training accessible to members of staff who would like to retrain in digital professions. This retraining in technologies of the future (notably open source and web) enhances their skills and allows us to help them work in a growth sector.

Interview with Louis and Alexandre, ITSchool student and tutor

The ITSchool as a lever of professional integration. It’s the promise of practical training in web development professions; it helps participants rapidly get into operational topics with the teams thanks to the help of an expert Societe Generale tutor who works with the student as soon as the training begins. It is accessible to jobseekers, whether they have some coding knowledge or not.

Interview with Anne-Sophie, ITSchool student

Anne-Sophie Leric studied business administration in the health and social sector, and then decided to radically change her career path and learn coding at the IT School. "My career didn’t offer me the career prospects I was seeking, and I could see that the Big Data universe was growing fast’’. Today, Anne-Sophie says she is confident in the future. Within Societe Generale, she is working on an internal app that helps consolidate credit provisions.

Integration of refugees through digital technologies with KONEXIO

A project to respond to some of society’s key challenges: integration and equal opportunities.
The founders of Konexio met through a Fulbright research scholarship programme. They connected through their desire to take on challenges around inclusion and access to jobs. “In academia, you have a general, very intellectual impact. It’s important for me to have an immediate impact,” explains Jean. From 2016, the first digital training workshops aimed at non-French-speaking persons took place, and the foundations of the organisation were laid.

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EFFICIENCE 59, professional integration through digital technology

The next Societe Generale Foundation call for projects in June 2019 will focus on initiatives which facilitate integration and education through digital technologies or entrepreneurship. The Foundation is therefore presenting a few projects already supported in these areas. Focus on Efficience 59, a solidarity-based communications agency in northern France, which launched an integration project specialising in digital-related professions in 2017.

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